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Africa Point Affiliate Program


Important News for Existing Affiliates


With the relaunch of Africa Point website, we will no longer be using the JAM Affiliates system. Therefore, we kindly ask you to sing up to our new affiliate programme. As soon as you receive your new, updated affiliate number, please adjust the links on your webpages and blogs as soon as possible according to this guide. Your existing links will continue to work, however no credits or payments will be made for referrals received via the JAM Affiliates system.


You may also consult our guide for new users, as we now allow all Affiliates to link to any page on our website, giving users access to a large range of valuable content to boost sales and your commissions.


Africa Point is a leading travel site specialising in Africa travel. Offering online booking and information to the top destinations in Africa including:  Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Seychelles and Mauritius. We offer individual Safaris, Beach Holidays, Hotels & Lodges, Car Rentals, Flights and Tours / Excursions.


Our affiliate program was designed around a no-hassle, zero-risk approach, successfully maximizing the benefits to us, to you, and to those clients whom you refer to us. Simply stated, it is a Win/Win/Win situation!


  • Pre-agreed Commission!
  • Unlimited Monthly Earnings!
  • No Monthly Minimum FREE Membership!


Why Become an Affiliate?

1. Participate in our affiliate program and win in 3 ways:


  • You will earn a commission for every sale we make through referrals from your site
  • You will offer your visitors a valuable service by providing them with a travel buying channel
  • You will get your visitors access to independent, un-biased information on any destination in Afrcia


2. Africa Point's affiliate program allows participating members to provide travel services to Africa without the hassles involved in the fulfillment process. 


3. Joining our affiliate program is free! Once we approve the affiliate request you simply have to add our links and you'll be ready. We will monitor all traffic coming from your site and we will be able to tell when a sale has come through. You will be rewarded for all visitors who have bought from us from your site even if the actual buying occurs later.


4. Under our revenue sharing program, we pay our affiliate partners a fixed percentage of our net revenue from any successful sale for hotel, car rental, tour and safari bookings. We will pay you every quarter for the commissions you have earned in the preceding period.


5. To join the programme you will need to sign up and once your application is approved we will send you the instructions for linking to our site by using banners or text links. 


Terms & Conditions

  • Any use of materials and information at Africa Point website by affiliate partners is prohibited unless prior authorisation has been obtained
  • Partners are not allowed to promote the program using unethical means such as chain letters, junk mail, "spamming" or bulk communications of any kind
  • Partners are independent contractors for all purposes and are not associates, agents or employees of Africa Point
  • Customers purchasing at Africa Point from partner's website are for all purposes the customers of Africa Point
  • Africa Point shall pay partners once every quarter for commissions earned in the preceding period. Partner earnings will be calculated as 30% of the commission obtained by Africa Point from selling to clients originating from partner's website. Commissions less than US$25 will be added on to the next period and paid once the minimum threshold is reached
  • The partner is at any time entitled to withdraw from participating in the affiliate program. Africa Point may also at any time request the withdrawal of a partner from participating in the programme. In such cases Africa Point shall give written notification by email.


Affiliate Guide

Once you have completed the sign up process below, please consult our guide for linking to our pages with your Affiliate ID.


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