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Terms & Conditions for Car Rentals

Terms & Conditions for Car Rentals

Rates and Availability are subject to change with or without prior notice.
They are only available if pre-payment is made through Africa Point.
The information given is based on CURRENT STATUS and is therefore NOT a guarantee of availability and hence not a guarantee of services requested. We can only confirm services upon receipt of payment/deposit SUBJECT to availability at that time.


A 50% deposit is required for booking and full payment at least 45 days before Service Commencement.
If date of service falls below or within 45 days full payment is required.
Full payment of the period of hire and for the estimated distance is to be made when taking over the car. In addition to a deposit of US$ 2,500 is required from a hirer.
The deposit is refundable upon safe return of the vehicle less any outstanding invoices. Windscreens, broken glasses / lenses, loss of tires and tools are responsibility of the hirer.
Payments can be made by: Bank Wire Transfer OR Credit Cards ( Visa and Master Card ONLY)


Any monies paid will be refunded on early cancellation, less the cost of cancellation fees levied by Africa Point.
Booking fees and bank charges are non refundable.
Bookings canceled or reduced in length of stay or reduced in number of occupancy are subject to cancellation and no show fees
as follows:
                Between 60 and 45 days prior to arrival - 35% of car rental costs
                Between 44 and 16 days - 50% of car rental costs
                Less than 16 days - 100% of car rental costs. 


Renters must present a passport and valid driving license before the vehicle will be released.
Renters will be required to sign this car hire contract and a liability waiver before the vehicle will be released.
A non-refundable deposit of (25% of the total rental cost) must be paid when reserving the vehicle.
A refundable security deposit of USD 2,500 must be made prior to the vehicle being released to the renter.
There are no refunds for vehicles returned earlier than the agreed return date set at the time of rental.
No person other than the renter should drive the vehicle.
Renters agree not to drive the vehicle when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
The renter is responsible for all passengers in the vehicle. The renter shall remain solely responsible for any loss, damage, or compensation that may occur to any person or property.
Monthly rentals are intended for town use only.  Please inform the office if you would like to take the vehicle out of Nairobi.


Renters are required to recognize and promptly repair leaking or punctured tires.
Renters are required to check and refill water and oil reservoirs regularly (vehicles driven in town weekly/in the bush daily).
Renters are required to fill fuel only at larger gas stations, such as BP and Total. In some of the smaller gas stations, diesel or petrol is sometimes mixed with other materials. Dirty fuel can damage the engine.
Renters are liable for the costs of repairs due to negligence, reckless and/or careless driving.
Renters are required to replace broken windscreens, windows, mirrors and damaged tires.
Renters are required to replace items lost or stolen from a vehicle (including spare tires, jacks and other tools rented with the vehicle).
The vehicle shall not be used for the smuggling or carrying illegal goods or items.  If the vehicle is used for smuggling or carrying illegal good or items and is caught and or seized by any authority, the renter is responsible for and will pay for any costs incurred as a result.
The hirer will be responsible for car damages that occurred during the time of rent amounting up to Ksh.50,000


All vehicles are checked and serviced before being rented out. However, because of the rough driving conditions there are times that there are unexpected problems with vehicles.

Renters may take vehicles to another garage when a minor problem occurs while driving outside of town (more than 50 kilometres from the City Centre).

When bringing a vehicle to any garage please do not leave valuables in the vehicle (even the car tool kit) as it is not uncommon for items to be stolen at the garage.

In the case of a major breakdown Africa Point  will supply a mechanic and a new vehicle as soon as possible (contact the office). Drivers cannot travel at night. If a breakdown occurs late in the day a driver can be sent no sooner than early the next morning. Renters who travel outside town will be required to repair vehicles at their own expense and depending on the nature of the repairs may receive reimbursement of costs incurred when they return the vehicle.  To receive reimbursements renters must provide receipts.

In the event of an accident, First contact the police.  It is mandatory that you receive a police report for any traffic incident.

Then contact the Africa Point office (we may be able to help you with the police procedure).
After an accident do not leave the vehicle unattended as it is not uncommon for unattended vehicles to be vandalized.
Africa Point will supply a vehicle to replace your damaged vehicle if there is one available.
Availability cannot be guaranteed.
Please be careful when parking.
Lock the vehicle and close all windows. Vandalism of unattended cars is not uncommon.
Park in designated parking areas only.


Self drive cars are hired subject to the company’s standard form of agreement. Africa Point reserves the right to refuse a hirer at anytime without giving any reasons.


The hirer and/or authorized driver must have held a full and valid driving licence for a minimum of 2 years up to and including the time of hire and that licence must bear no current endorsements during the last two years. A driving license from the country of residence or an International Driver’s Permit is generally acceptable, provided valid as above.
The hirer and/or authorized driver must be over 23 years of age and under 70 years of age. The hirer and/or authorized driver must also be able to provide proper means of identification other than a driver’s licence.


Applicable during working hours (0800 - 1800 hours). Drivers overtime charges after 1800 hours is US$4 per hour.


The hirer should ensure that the hire vehicle is locked when unattended. The vehicle must not be parked in a public area for long periods. When CDW (Collusion Damage waiver) or TPI (Theft Protection Insurance) is declined, the renters financial responsibility will be the full value of the damage to the vehicle and loss related expenses: regardless of fault. If CDW is accepted the renters responsibility (Non waiver responsibility) will be USD 1000.
For security reasons Africa Point does not allow its cars to be driven to North Eastern region of Garissa and Maralal. In case there is an urgent need for such a journey, Africa Point should be informed before hand to seek police escort at an extra fees which the hirer will bear.


All our vehicles are insured but in all cases, the hirer is responsible for repairs arising from damage to the vehicle dues to careless driving or careless handling of the vehicle. The vehicle should be return the same way it was received.
Repairs of vehicle can be done only after informing Africa point to a tune of US$1000 being the excess cost for Insurance.
Any damaged tires,windscreen and tools will be replaced at the hirer’s cost as they are not covered by the insurance.


The carriage of passengers or property for hire or reward.
Racing, speed testing or driving instruction.
Propelling or towing any other vehicle or trailer.


Written authorization should be obtained from Africa Point, should the hirer wish to cross a state border. Our rental vehicles will be allowed into Kenya and Uganda. Africa Point will not accept any responsibility if the hirer is refused entry into another country. A cross border insurance fees is applicable and the fee depends on the number of travelers accompanying the hirer.
For cross border formalities to be arranged Africa Point should be informed at least 48hrs before the day of crossing the border.
Any other cross border charges are payable directly at the border.


All our cars are picked and dropped in indicated town. Pick up and drop off in any other location will be treated as a
one way rental.
One way rentals are permitted only if prior arrangement has been made with Africa Point and is subject to drop-off charge.
One way rentals to other locations will be at the company’s discretion.

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