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Aerial View of Mount Kenya, Kenya
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Save Mount Kenya

To preserve the beauty and magic aura of our beloved Mount Kenya, Africa Point has teamed up with East Africa Wildlife Society's Tupande Pamoja Initiative


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For every 'Share', we'll donate a seedling to Save Mount Kenya. One seedling at the time until we have planted 100,000 of them. Not a small ambition by any stretch of the imagination, but we'll give it a good go!


Learn more about the beauty of the Mountain of Brightness on our Mount Kenya National Park profile!

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That's the Situation

Close your eyes and picture soaring snow-capped peaks, rugged glacial summits and stunningly beautiful forested areas; breathe the pristine fresh air and marvel at the sheer granite cliffs, carved by thousands of years of glacial activity – this is beautiful Mount Kenya!

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa, after famous Kilimanjaro, and straddles the equator, north east of Nairobi. In recent years this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site has become the darling of climbers and mountaineers from all around the world. They come to enjoy the challenge of the climb as well as the spectacular beauty of this unique environment.

It is the diversity of the landscape that holds one in awe – dense bamboo and rainforest on the lower slopes give way to Afro-Alpine flora at the higher elevations, and hiding up there are at least 20 beautiful glacial terns, or lakes. Here animals roam freely, following ancient migratory paths and rivers are born to provide life-giving water to the thousands of people who live in the semi-arid regions below the slopes.


So Why Is It Necessary to Save Mount Kenya?

Our Mountain Is Endangered!

Climate change and global warming are threatening Mount Kenya’s precious glaciers; once there were 20 glaciers on Mount Kenya – today only 11 remain and these are shrinking year by year.  Deforestation is believed to be accelerating the degradation of the delicate micro-climate of the mountain and has already been responsible for a sharp drop in the level of rivers and dams that produce most of Kenya’s water and a large percentage of her Hydro electric power.  It is vital that the degradation process be slowed down, halted, and ultimately reversed.


This is where Africa Point comes in!  We believe that we can make a difference, one tree at a time! 



Our Pledge – Plant 100,000 Seedlings!

Together with our partners East African Wildlife Society, we forged an alliance with Tupande Pamoja, and pledged to donate 100,000 seedlings to be planted on our iconic mountain. 


Tupande Pamoja is a joint venture between several environmental agencies, including the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the East African Wildlife Society, Kenya Forest Working Group and Nature Kenya.  The aim of this initiative, which means “Let us plant together” in Swahili, is to rehabilitate Kenya’s forests through tree planting and promotion of responsible consumer practices.



The First Phase – Our Launch in 2011

The first phase of our initiative got off to a flying start and the first 5,000 seedlings were planted in November 2011.


Save Mount Kenya - Getting Ready for the ActionSave Mount Kenya - Planting Instructions


Save Mount Kenya - Team Work is EverythingSave Mount Kenya - Everybody Gets Involved


Save Mount Kenya - One Tree at a TimeSave Mount Kenya - It's Fun to Make a Difference



The Second Phase – 2014

On May 16th 2014 we concluded the First Phase of the initiative by holding a tree-planting ceremony where the second 5000 seedlings were planted.


Save Mount Kenya - Seedlings Nursery HombeSave Mount Kenya - The Results of 2011


Save Mount Kenya - Detailed Instructions on How to Properly Plant a TreeSave Mount Kenya - Happy Tree Planters


Save Mount Kenya - Everybody Gets InvolvedSave Mount Kenya - Together We Make a Difference



Simultaneously we launched the second phase of our Social Media campaign and we hope that with your support we can plant another 10,000 seedlings in the near future.



How You Can Help Make This Vision a Reality!

It does not cost you a cent to contribute to this most worthy initiative...all you need to do is spread the word and get everyone you know to go online and “Like”, “Share”, “Tweet” or otherwise mention our campaign.  Each “Share” will earn one new tree for magical Mount Kenya.  Be a “green” hero – get involved today and save Mount Kenya for the next generation to enjoy.


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