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Save Mount Kenya
Aerial View of Mount Kenya, Kenya
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Save Mount Kenya

To preserve the beauty and magic aura of our beloved Mount Kenya, Africa Point has teamed up with East Africa Wildlife Society's Tupande Pamoja Initiative. Not a small ambition by any stretch of the imagination, but we'll give it a good go!


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For every 'Share', we'll donate a seedling to Save Mount Kenya. One seedling at the time until we have planted 100,000 of them.


Learn more about the beauty of the Mountain of Brightness on our Mount Kenya National Park profile!

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That's the Situation

Take a deep breath. Can you smell the sweet, crisp scent of freshly fallen snow – the zing as you gulp oxygen tinged with sub-zero temperatures? Call to mind images of white-capped mountains, barbed peaks and craggy cliffs. Envision hikers, wrapped tightly in their cosy gear, trudging up an ancient, extinct volcano. 


This is Mount Kenya, Africa's second-highest mountain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain's forested slopes, small lakes and glacial summits provide some of Africa's most spectacular scenery – and are one of the continent's most popular choices for mountaineering. But Mount Kenya also stands out for another reason: this pristine mountain is quickly becoming endangered. 


Climate change and global warming are threatening Mount Kenya's glaciers, which are melting at an alarming rate. In fact, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reports that 7 of Mount Kenya's 18 glaciers disappeared between 1900 and 1986. Today, the remaining 11 glaciers have lost 60-92% of their area. If urgent measures are not taken immediately, scientists warn that these glaciers may soon disappear entirely. 


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