Safari Photo Contest 2014
Winner of #IncredibleAfrica14, Photographer: Giovanni Frescura
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In 2014 Africa Point launched its first photo competition under the hashtag #IncredibleAfrica14 to find the most memorable Safari moment captured in an iconic shot.

The response to the contest was truly incredible with an impressive amount of submissions being uploaded to be voted and ultimately judged on but there could only be one winner.

We were delighted to crown a beautiful picture of a black backed jackal surrounded by birds as the winner. Check it out below!

The contest ended in December 2014!
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The Winning Photos!


Jackal surrounded by Birds
Mealtime for a Lion
Fighting Zebras (shot from the back)
Playing Jackals
Beisa Oryx With a Herd of Wildebeests
An Elephant and A Tree Trunk
A Perching Leopard
A Cat In The Wild
Elephants On An Orange River Bank
Fighting Hippos In A River
Fighting Zebras (shot from the side)



Meet the Judges!


“Expert Vagabond” – Matthew Karsten

Matthew Karsten is a self-confessed travel -and -adventure addict who sold all his earthly possessions (well...nearly all!) three years ago and bought himself a ticket to Guatemala. What was initially planned to be a year of adventure has stretched to more than 3 years and Matthew is still happily “vagabonding” around the world with no end in sight to his marvellous adventures. The best thing about Matthews’ enviable lifestyle is that anyone can share it just by reading his blog and looking at his brilliant photos – right now Matthew is discovering South Africa and will have some great stories and photos to share that simply capture the moment and put all his readers into the picture – follow him on:



“Roving Richard” – Richard Peters

Meet Richard Peters, a professional photographer from the UK who juggles his love of photography with blogging and a job in the media industry. Although he only became seriously interested in photography about 7 years ago, Richard has had his photographic work recognised by awards in several competitions including the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He knows all the ins and outs of how to get the best from your camera and his blog features not only some inspirational images, but also hints and tips to help you improve your understanding of how to get that perfect picture; (and reviews of some of the equipment out there to help you make informed decisions about what you need to take on your next safari.) See some of his extraordinary photos from his recent Safari in the Masai Mara on his website. Richard has been on the judging panel for several photographic competitions including those run by both the BBC and Nikon UK, and his guidance will be extremely valuable in helping Africa Point select a winner.



“Shining Star” – Anton Crone

Anton Crone is a writer, photographer and editor of Africa Geographic magazine, based in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as being an inveterate explorer and recorder of life. Most of his travels are recorded in his website, Bright Continent. Anton travels to all corners of Africa recording the uniqueness of the continent with his moving and beautifully executed images and words. During his travels Anton has visited numerous wonderful countries, and browsing through the photos and blog posts on his website is enough to get the most lethargic of you out of your armchairs and into your travel gear. Make sure to tuck that camera and tripod under your arm, ready to take the perfect photo that captures all the mystery and allure of Africa. 



“Vicky Flip-Flop” – Vicky Philpott

After a travel-sheltered childhood in a beautiful English village, Vicky Flip-Flop (aka Victoria Philpott) discovered her itchy feet after visiting New York and Australia a few years ago; now nothing can hold her back! Vicky manages to juggle a full-time job in Travel Writing and Social Media Management with some remarkable travels to far-flung corners of the globe, including several visits to Africa. Her enthusiasm for adventure (often on a shoe-string) is infectious and her beautiful photography and exciting blogs will inspire you to stop dreaming and start living! See her beautiful African travel photos and join her on her adventures at:




“Kenyan Dreamer” – Rachael Muthoni

Next up we would like to introduce to you“Kenyan Dreamer”: Rachael Muthoni is a born-and-bred Kenyan whose love for her country just shines out from each of the wonderful photos on her Safari254 site. Rachael says that like most people, she took her very beautiful country for granted until she left Kenya to study abroad and found that each time she went home on holiday she fell in love with the country all over again. Rachael is completely passionate about Kenya, conservation and travel and it shows in the beautifully captured photographs of the country she loves. Her website also features many atmospheric photos by fellow-Kenyan photographer, Karue Wachira.



The common thread that runs through the work of these five artists is their love of adventure, nature and wildlife, which has been their recipe for success. Let your passion for Africa shine through and get those entries flowing in.
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