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Praslin, La-Digue and the other Seychelles Islands
Anse Lazio beach at Praslin island, Seychelles
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Praslin, La-Digue and the other Seychelles Islands


Dreaming of leaving the weekday Blues behind you and heading off on a Desert Island date? Does island-hopping, relaxing under a swaying palm tree, cocktail in hand, and swimming in warm azure waters feature in the dream?  Well the remarkable Seychelles is just waiting to delight you. Live the dream! Book your Seychelles holiday today.


Best time to visit:

Right now would be a good time! The Seychelles have near-perfect beach weather almost all year around.


How to get there:

There are direct flights from Europe and South Africa, or fly in via the Middle East.
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Praslin, La-Digue and the other Seychelles Islands

A ghost-crab scuttles across the powder-white sand as you make you way down the pristine beach to the edge of the warm Indian Ocean. Yours are the only feet to leave a mark on the sand today, and your only companions on this deserted little slice of paradise are the watchful Seagulls. Should you relax under the gently swaying palms or explore the marine wonderland beneath the lapping waters? Welcome to the Seychelles!


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Sensational Seychelles

Escape the ordinary – swop your 9 to 5 routine for all day relaxation and fun in the sun on one of the world’s most beautiful tropical Archipelagos. Made up of 115 islands, the Seychelles occupy 455km sq of land and form one of the worlds’ most beautiful and exotic holiday locations, with a near-perfect climate and stunning flora and fauna. Praslin is the second-largest of the group, while La-Digue is widely considered to be the most romantic of them all, with the greatest quota of beautiful beaches and resorts. Several of the other smaller islands are uninhabited and their ecology untouched and undisturbed by man and are protected as National Parks; they are a true paradise for nature lovers. The beaches are numerous, exceptionally beautiful and often deserted – all the ingredients you need to put together the recipe for a perfect tropical holiday.



The Islands, the National Parks, and other Highlights 

The Islands

Fall into two basic groups, the inner granitic islands that are mostly clustered around the main islands of Mahè, Praslin and La-Digue, and the outer islands, some of which are mere raised atolls jutting a few metres above sea level. The three main inner islands form the commercial, cultural and tourism hub of the group. Visitors generally fly into Mahè or Praslin, both of which make a great base from which to embark on various island-hopping excursions. All three have great beaches and resorts, but it is often the smaller islands that have more of a “desert island” feel and are the most popular with visitors wanting to escape the rat race and celebrities hiding away from the paparazzi! Among the most exclusive of these are Cousine, North, Denis and Silhouette, while there are several more islands that do not offer any accommodation and can only be visited by boat on day trips.


National Parks and Protected Islands

The Seychelles can teach the rest of the world a valuable lesson when it come to preserving nature and threatened wildlife species. Nearly 50% of the total land mass of the archipelago is set aside as National Parks or Protected areas, and on these islands you can enjoy a back-to-nature experience like nowhere else on earth. Here is a brief description of some of the delights that await you on Praslin and some of the smaller islands:



Here you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vallèe de Mai where you can walk through untouched rainforest where there are over 6000 Coco de Mer trees, which bear the largest seed in the world, as well as 6 different species of endemic Palms.



Located close to Praslin, Curieuse has no accommodation but you can arrange a visit to the Marine National Park for snorkeling and visit the exciting land-tortoise breeding program.



This island is also a favourite destination for day trippers who come to enjoy the guided walks through this superb bird sanctuary, where over 250,000 birds nest every year. The island is also home to several rare endemic bird species and the Hawksbill Turtle sure to bring your camera!



The Aldabra Atoll is one of the outer island groups and the Seychelles’ second UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the worlds’ largest raised coral atoll and encloses an inland lake the size of Mahè. Aldabra is simply astounding – it has the best Marine life anywhere in the archipelago, is home to hundreds of rare plant and animal species as well as the largest (150,000) population of giant land Tortoises. Not to be missed!


The Marine Life

Most of the islands that comprise the Seychelles offer visitors near-perfect conditions for exploring the wealth of marine life that thrives here. The water is warm all year round and visibility is generally excellent. There are outstanding Marine National Parks where you can become acquainted with the under-water world, and the whole area is a magnet for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. Expect to see large game fish such as Barracuda, Turtles, Rays and the gentle Whale Shark, among many others.



Accommodation on the Islands

Praslin and La-Digue

Have the largest selection when it comes to choosing your accommodation, and on these two islands you can find something to suit every budget, from a modest self-catering beach bungalow to fabulous luxury beach-front resorts with all the bells and whistles. If you choose one of the smaller islands you will find you have to pay handsomely for the exclusivity they offer – here are a few examples of what to expect:



Here you can combine luxury with conscience, staying in the superb 5-Star luxury resort and taking part in one of the many conservation projects that guests are encouraged to experience.



This entire island is a private Nature Reserve and one of the most eco-friendly and exclusive getaways on earth, where no more than 10 guests are pampered at any one time.



Here you can walk where few others have passed; the entire island is untouched and protected, a living museum to the natural history of the region – except for the 5-Star hotel, of course!


North Island and Felicite

Here both hotel and villa accommodation are superb and are on offer for those with larger budgets.



How to Get There

A few international airlines offer direct flights to Victoria Airport in Mahè from cites in Europe. You can also fly direct from South Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya, while other destinations will generally fly in via the Middle East.



Best time to visit:

Anytime is a good time to visit the Seychelles! The islands have a warm tropical climate all year round, but there are some months that are better than others, depending on your interests. May to September has fairly brisk winds, so is the ideal time if you enjoy wind-surfing and sailing. April/May and October/November are the very best wind-free months with perfect conditions for swimming, snorkelling and diving, when the water visibility is at its’ best..

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