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Coastline of the Seychelles Islands, Mahè
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Close your eyes and picture the perfect tropical island; powder-white sands lapped by warm clear turquoise water with thousands of brilliantly coloured fish darting beneath the surface, and tranquil swaying palm trees. Now look at a photo of the Seychelles and see that this is where you want to be! Stop dreaming and start your escape to Mahè and the other islands of the Seychelles today.


Best time to visit:

This is a true all-year-round destination.The best months for snorkelling and diving are April/May and October/November

How to get there:

Fly direct from several cities in Europe or via the Middle East or South Africa from everywhere else.
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Live the dream - escape to an idyllic tropical island surrounded by powder-white sands, clear azure waters and unspoilt coral reefs. Mahè in the Seychelles is your gateway to a little slice of paradise in the middle of the warm Indian Ocean. Scrumptious Creole food and year-round summer completes the picture!



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Magical Mahè

Mahè is the largest of the 115 islands that make up the magnificent tropical archipelago of the Seychelles. Together the islands occupy 455km sq of land and form one of the worlds’ most beautiful and exotic holiday locations, with a near-perfect climate and stunning flora and fauna. Mahè is the largest and the most populous and commercial of the islands. It is an ideal base for island-hopping excursions to the smaller and more remote islands. Mahè has something to offer every visitor – beautiful mountains, stunning beaches for swimming and snorkelling, excellent resorts and restaurants, as well as a good choice of cultural pursuits to round off your experience.


The Beaches, The Marine Life and other Highlights

The Beaches

Understandably, people come to the Seychelles to experience the best of island living and the beaches are the principal highlight of any visit to the archipelago. As the largest of the islands, Mahè is surrounded by a long coastline which is just packed with superb beaches, inlets, coves and tranquil lagoons – perfect for fun in the sun. The palm-fringed beaches are never over-crowded, the water is clear and warm and there is absolutely no excuse for not enjoying yourself. If you get tired of soaking up the sun and wallowing in the clear water, you can try your hand at some of the water sports on offer, which include wind-surfing, canoeing and kayaking, as well as parasailing, jet skiing and banana boat rides.


The Marine Life

Mahè is surrounded by coral reefs that protect and nourish a wide diversity of marine life forms. Scuba diving is very popular, but you can also enjoy many of the shallow reefs with just flippers and snorkel! A thrilling feature of diving in the Seychelles is the large number of game fish and you can expect to see turtles, rays, barracuda and huge shoals of fish, as well as gentle whale-sharks. There are several protected Marine National Parks where the diving and snorkelling are particularly rewarding, such as the Bay Ternay Marine National Park and the Port Launay Marine National Park, both of which are situated on the north-west coast of Mahè. Ste. Anne Marine National Park is just a 20min boat ride from Mahè and incorporates 6 islands that provide a nesting site for the endangered Hawksbill Turtle – the Park includes clear shallow lagoons that are perfect for snorkelling and provide a veritable wonderland of iridescent tropical fish and colourful corals for you to explore.


Unique Flora and Fauna

the Seychelles are fiercely protective of their unique species of Flora and Fauna, and nearly 50% of the land mass is designated as protected or set aside as National Parks and Reserves. There are several species of plants and animals here that are endemic to the islands and can be found nowhere else on earth, such as the remarkable Coco-de-mer, the largest seed in the world, and the incredible Jellyfish Tree (of which there are only eight surviving examples). Unique birds include the Seychelles’ Paradise Flycatcher and Seychelles’ Warbler. Some of the other amazing creatures you can see here are the smallest frog in the world, the heaviest land Tortoise and the only flightless bird found in the Indian Ocean.


Beach Holidays in Seychelles

A beach holiday in Mahè is perfect for just about everyone! This is a prime honeymoon destination, as well as the perfect spot to enjoy a beach holiday with family or friends. You have the choice of doing as much or as little as you like; those who long for peace and solitude will find it here on one of the beautiful quiet beaches. You can while away the days relaxing on the porcelain sands under a gently-swaying palm tree, while those who like a little action can enjoy some of the water sports or try one of the other activities listed below.


Other Activities

If you can drag yourself away from the beach there are plenty of other activities to enjoy on the island.


Outdoor Pursuits

Hikers will enjoy exploring some of the 12 trails in the Morne Seychellois National Park which take you deep into the lush jungles and steep cliffs of the Park where you can see rare orchids, endemic palms and the fascinating carnivorous pitcher plants.



You could also hire a car and drive around the perimeter of the island, visiting many of the hidden coves and beaches that make up the spectacular coastline. There are many delightful beach cafes where you can have lunch, or take a picnic and eat on the beach.



Mahè also has many superb studios and art galleries to visit as well as several historic buildings in the capital, Victoria. These include the Victorian-style Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market and the Domaine de Val des Près craft market which is housed in a beautiful traditional colonial homestead.


Accommodation on Mahè

You have a wide choice when it comes to selecting your accommodation on Mahè, and there is something to suit everyone. Choose from one of the more remote resorts tucked into a perfect little bay overlooking the ocean if you crave pampering, privacy and relaxation, or choose from one of the larger resort hotels if you like a bit of action and plenty of water sports. There are also several city hotels in the capital, Victoria, which could be ideal if you like to explore the culture of the island and the many Creole restaurants on offer. The accommodation is generally really up-market, but there are also some less expensive guest-houses and self-catering apartments available if you are on a strict budget.


How to Get There

Several international airlines offer direct flights to Victoria Airport in Mahè from many cites in Europe. You can also fly direct from South Africa, while other destinations will generally fly in via the Middle East.


Best time to visit:

Anytime is a good time to visit the Seychelles! The islands have a warm tropical climate all year round, but there are some months that are better than others, depending on your interests. May to September has fairly brisk winds, so is the ideal time if you enjoy wind-surfing and sailing. April/May and October/November are the very best wind-free months with perfect conditions for swimming, snorkelling and diving, when the water visibility is at its’ best.


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