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Black River Gorges National Park

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Hike into the rainforest on 60 kilometers of trails that weave through hills, marshes and dense jungle. These are the final surviving forests on the island of Mauritius, and are home to a number of rare and endemic species of flower plants and birds. Hike along numerous quiet trails, pausing to take a dip in a waterfall or to gaze out over the horizon. Enjoy the tranquility created in this lush forest environment!


Best Time to Visit:

It is best to visit Black River Gorges National Park between September and January when plants are in full bloom. 


Average Visitor Rating:

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The Lush Black River Gorges National Park 

Located in the highlands of Mauritius, Black River Gorges offers a welcome reprieve from the tropical temperatures of the coast. Set out with a packed lunch and spend a day searching for the perfect secluded picnic spot amidst walls of rare flowering plants or at the base of a waterfall. Meander along flower-lined trails and between ebony trees as you summit the Black River Peak and look out over the canopy towards the Indian Ocean. Return down and refresh yourself in the mist of Alexandra waterfall before carrying on with the adventure. 


Be sure to hike with your binoculars and a local guide in hopes of spotting the numerous endangered and endemic bird species, including the Mauritius kestrel, the echo parakeet and the famous pink pigeon. Keep an eye out as well for monkeys and deer that reside within the park and are often curious about guests. If you are passionate about hiking and nature, a visit to Black Gorges is an essential part of a vacation in Mauritius! 



Exploring Black River Gorges: Rare Bird and Plant Life


A network of gentle trails guide visitors between rare trees, tropical waterfalls and out towards stunning viewpoints. Walk amongst ebony trees along the flower-fringed paths, as you explore this rare and unique jungle. While you are free to wander the trails entirely at your leisure, nine well-trodden routes will carry you to some of the best vantage points in the park. Be sure to swing past the Alexandra Waterfall – a favourite picnic spot among hikers – where you can bask at the bottom of the falls on the shores of a small lake filled with water lilies. Hike to the top of the falls for spectacular views of the jungle, with the ocean peeking out beyond the forest canopy. Carry on from the waterfall towards the Gorges Viewpoint, where you will have an impressive view of the winding rocky gorge. Pull out your binoculars here for an excellent look at tropical birds floating and hunting in the gorge’s wind currents. 


Ambitious climbers can venture to the Black River Peak, the island’s highest point. It is worthwhile to make the climb in the early morning before the peak is shrouded in clouds, which obscure the otherwise panoramic views of the island.  Spend some time on the top watching birds soar around you while you cool off with the refreshing breeze that blows through. 



The vibrant population of birds will delight ornithologists exploring Black River Gorge. Set out along the trails in search of endangered species endemic to Mauritius, including the Mauritius kestrel, the echo parakeet and the pink pigeon. Hike towards the gorge viewpoint for spectacular views of Kestrels who favour this open area for hunting. 


Carry on through the jungle, binoculars in hand, as you look for other endemic species. Sightings of the Mauritius cuckoo-shrike, the Mauritius bulbul, the Mauritius olive white-eye and the Mauritius fody are all coveted moments among birders. As you scan the skies, be sure to also keep an eye in the trees in the hope that you will spot one of the 4000 giant Mauritius fruit bats (also known as Flying Foxes) that live in the park. They will be hard to miss while in flight, given that their wingspan can exceed 80 centimeters! 


Other Activities

As you hike through the rainforest, do keep an eye out for some of the wildlife that resides within the trees. Unfortunately, this park was a former hunting zone, which led to the eradication of many of the local species. However, a few rusa deer and wild pigs do remain and are occasionally seen alongside various monkeys. 


Note that if you are not much of a hiker, it is also possible to visit many of the quintessential viewpoints in the park from the road. A highway intersects the park traveling east to west, and visitors can get out of the vehicle and take only a short walk to some of the best vantage points. 



Accommodation in Black River Gorges National Park

Most visitors to Black River Gorges National Park visit the area on a day trip from wherever they are staying on the island. For those who wish to spend a bit more time exploring the park, there are a number of pleasant accommodation options on the edge of the park. 



How to Get There

Black River Gorges is located on the southwest corner of Mauritius, roughly 40km south of Port Louis. The drive takes roughly an hour in a private vehicle. 



Best Time to Visit Black River Gorges National Park

It is ideal to hike through Black River Gorges National Park during the flowering season, which lasts from September to January.  Otherwise, the park is accessible and pleasant year round. 

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