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Moremi Game Reserve
Lion, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana
Moremi Game Reserve
Red Lechwe, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana
Moremi Game Reserve
Termite Hill, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana
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Moremi Game Reserve


Botswana is calling;  Moremi is calling; heed the call and come and experience one of Africa’s most outstanding Game Reserves. Encompassing about 30% of the continents’ greatest Natural Wonder, the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve has been home to a great density and diversity of wildlife for many centuries, and was once the private hunting grounds of the indigenous BaTwana people.  Today they invite you to share the splendour!


Best Time to Visit:

Game viewing peaks from July to October, but anytime is great in Moremi!

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Marvellous Moremi

This outstanding Game Reserve brings together the best of the Okavango Delta.  There are large areas of dry land offering superlative game viewing in several different habitats, while the deep watercourses in the wet floodplains make it possible to enjoy eye-to-eye game viewing from the water, a most thrilling experience!  There are three main areas in this reserve and each offers a different game viewing experience.  Four of the Big Five can regularly be seen, there are thousands of Elephants and the birdlife is incredible.  What are you waiting for...come to Moremi today!


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Wonders of the Delta, the Elephants and other Highlights of Moremi

The Okavango Delta

You cannot imagine the beauty of this natural wonder; you just have to see it for yourself, as no photo can properly do it justice.  As you fly in from Maun, in the dusty and drab Kalahari Desert, the Delta spreads out almost in the shape of an outstretched hand.  The life-giving waters have travelled over 1000kms from the highlands of Angola, but when they reach this enormous flood plain there is nowhere further to go and they gradually form pools, islands, wetlands and channels through the dry Kalahari sands. 


The Colours Are Astonishing

The waters range from blue to azure to purple, with brilliant greens, jades, gold and orange hues combining to form a monumental natural mosaic.  The Delta is the lifeblood of an enormous diversity of wildlife, including many usual antelope species (such as Lechwe and Sitatunga), Zebra, Giraffe, Buffalo, Wildebeest, huge herds of Elephant and, of course, the attendant predators which include Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Wild Dog, Spotted Hyena, Crocodile and Jackal, as well as some of the smaller cats.  Birdlife is amazing here and there are also many smaller noteworthy creatures to observe.


The Elephants

Elephant have been roaming these plains and waterways for thousands of years and follow regular migratory routes through the Reserve, dictated by the rainfall and availability of food.  There are a great many of them in the region, and it is estimated that over 130,000 of them live in the combined reserves of the Delta, Chobe, Moremi and Savuti.   Although they migrate from one area to the other, there are always many to be seen in Moremi and watching them as they cavort, splashing, trumpeting and blowing in the water is a great privilege.  They are very accustomed to humans and not fearful, which means that you can often get a lot closer to them than would usually be the case in some other game reserves.


The “Wet” Safari

Oone of the most popular highlights of any trip to the Okavango Delta must surely be the opportunity to glide through the shallow waters in a mokoro – a canoe traditionally made from a hollowed out tree trunk, (these days many mokoro are made from fibreglass to preserve the precious trees of the Delta) propelled along by your local guide, who knows the waterways backwards and will be delighted to share his knowledge with you.  This way you move silently through the water and get the opportunity to get really close to many of the animals and watch them drink, graze, wallow or swim just meters from your mokoro.


Bird Watching

The variety and sheer density of numbers of birds in the Moremi Reserve means that you will be ticking-off your check-list very regularly.  Seasonal sightings will include many Herons, Storks, Egrets and other waders and be sure to listen out for the soulful call of the Fish Eagle.



Safaris in Moremi Game Reserve

There are three main areas that make up the Moremi Reserve, and it would be great to arrange to visit all three on a mobile safari, as the game viewing is different in each.  On Chiefs Island (which is Private) there are some excellent Safari Camps and the habitat favours large concentrations of grazers and associated predators.  The Khwai River area in the north east is particularly good for viewing Buffalo, Elephant, Lion and Leopard, while the Xakanaxa Lagoon area is the place to find Wild Dog and an amazing density of antelope, as well as huge breeding colonies of birds.  If you have the time, a great option is to include Moremi in a more extensive Botswana Safari that also visits Chobe, Caprivi, Savuti and Nxai Pan, or even include Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.  


There are also several special-interest Safaris you could choose, such as Photographic Safaris accompanied by professional photographers, Birding Safaris and more.



Other Activities

Boat Cruises

Available from Mboma, and  Xakanaxa are a great way to see plenty of game and birdlife from the water.


Night Drives and Walking Trails

The private concessions that are dotted around the border of Moremi Reserve offer a few extra activities that are not allowed in the Reserve itself, such as night drives, off-road drives and walking trails. 


Xigera Mokoro and Walking Trail

At Xigera concession you can combine water and land-based viewing and even go on a mokoro safari into the depths of the Delta where you will sleep in a tent under the stars on one of the remote islands.  



Accommodation in and around the Moremi Game Reserve

There is a wide choice of accommodation inside Moremi, as well as in the surrounding private concessions.  Some lodges offer comfortable and authentically African-themed accommodation at an affordable rate, while others really go to town and offer guests amazing luxuries such as private plunge pools, so there is something to suit all budgets.  If you have limited time it would be best to choose a camp that offers both land and water based game viewing – your Tour operator will be able to advise which camp or camps are best suited to your individual needs.  Some of the camps on the private concessions are also able to offer walking trails, night drives and off-road drives, which are not allowed inside Moremi, so consider spending a night or two in one of these for a great all-round safari experience.



How to Get There  

Getting to your camp is an adventure on its own!  Some of the camps are accessible by 4X4 Safari vehicles from Maun (about 5 hours’ drive) but the best way to get to your camp is by a chartered flight from Maun – most of the camps have their own landing strips, and some can only be accessed by air; the bonus is that your get a fantastic birds-eye view of the Delta on your way in and out!



Best Time to Visit  

Game viewing peaks from July to October when seasonal water dries up and the animals congregate near the permanent water.


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