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Aaah yes, it is quickly approaching that time of the year when men would rather stop the planet and get off if only for a day while the ladies are secretly wishing for that bouquet of roses, chocolates, gifts or even that surprise getaway from
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From St Valentines...With Love.

18th January 2013
Travel Planning & Tips, Kenya

Aaah yes, it is quickly approaching that time of the year when men would rather stop the planet and get off if only for a day while the ladies are secretly wishing for that bouquet of roses, chocolates, gifts or even that surprise getaway from her love.


Valentines...a day that spells doom for some and joy for others. While many think it is an overrated tradition and have very compelling arguments to prove their point, I think it is a beautiful tradition. Just like marriage anniversaries and birthdays which are celebrated each year to mark a milestone in life, Valentine's day is also celebrated to remind people of the love we have for them.


'But everyday should be Valentines!...why do we have to conform to the expectations of this day?' that is a question we hear often. But in the same breath, we gotta wonder..why isn't everyday Christmas, or Easter? Because this is a day recognised the world over and brings people to believe in the same thing..Love.


Be it our parents, our wives, husbands or even kids, we can make this day memorable for them in their own way. We can remind them that we love them dearly, that we care and we are not afraid to show it.


We at Africa Point will work tirelessly to make sure you have all the options and choices at your disposal.


We will give you ideas for the perfect getaway because well...that is what we specialize in.


So its Valentines day and you are getting dirty looks from the lady or the look of anticipation on her face as she awaits the dramatic reveal of that Samsung S3 phone she has been carefully hinting at the last couple of weeks. Or she could leave the house fully expecting to get a bouquet of roses delivered to her office so she can modestly gush to her friends. Better yet, she might be expecting a candlelight dinner at the end of the day. 


We can bet that nothing is bound to blow her away more than a weekend getaway. Yes, we know how hectic life has been and especially after the pressure of January when you are trying to catch up with work, deal with a new boss and deadlines. Which is why we have the perfect locations to get away..quite literally.


Just a 100Kms away from Nairobi you can escape to Enashipai Spa and Resort. Located at the shore of the scenic Lake Naivasha, this luxury piece of heaven is the ultimate getaway. Here you have a clear view of the lake as you recline back and enjoy a glass of your favourite drink. You can ease your mind and body by getting a massage at the Spa as well as other body relaxation services.


In keeping with your new year's resolutions, you can continue keeping fit at the fully equipped fitness center. For sports lovers, there is a Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball court. Keep your body in shape as well as just relax in the outdoor swimming pool. All these amenities with five star dining and impeccable services make Enashipai an incredible Valentine's gift!


Rates: 21,000Kshs per double room


Outdoors at Enashipai Resort and Spa




Or you could decide to go to Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge also located at the shores of Lake Naivasha. This upmarket destination is the perfect portrayal of romance in the wild. Giving you a chance to view the zebras, giraffes and other animals as they lazily stroll by the lodge. You also get to have a front seat to the most spectacular sunrise and sunset over the lake.


Rates: 18,000Kshs per double room


Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge


If that does not appeal to you enough, you can decide instead to retreat to the Lake Naivasha Country Club. Perched on an escarpment on the Rift Valley, this lodge offers views of the lake naivasha sparkling in all its glory hundreds of feet below. That is in addition to the clear views of the majestic giant that is Mount Longonot. Here you get to watch wildlife at the nearby Crescent Island while at the same time taking in all the serenity that this retreat has to offer.


Rates: 14,500Kshs per double room


Zebras at the lawns of the Lake Naivasha Country Club


We understand that serenity and calm is most preferred when it comes to romantic getaways so we will direct you to the Mount Kenya region. At the slopes of the iconic Mount Kenya lies the incredible Serena Mountain Lodge. This is one of the few tree hotels in Kenya that gives you a chance to feel and enjoy the mountain air, wildlife watching, forest adventure in absolute luxury.


This lodge is part of the Serena Hotels so quality and luxury is assured. Having its own salt lick and waterhole at the foot of the lodge, you will see the animals as they come to drink water and enjoy the salt. You can also take part in trout fishing in the mountain rivers. Doesn't get any better than that!


Rates: 15,900 Kshs per double room


The serena mountain lodge


Still on tree hotels, there is the newly renovated Treetops Hotel located inside the Aberdare National Park. Known for the place where Queen Elizabeth went up a princess and came down a queen on her visit to Kenya, this luxurious hotel will leave you feeling like royalty with all the five star dining, services and amenities.


With its own salt lick and waterhole as well, this tree hotel will offer you a chance to see the Elephants, Buffaloes and other animals at very close range. You will also get spectacular views of the great Mount Kenya early in the mornings and evenings. Add this to the crisp highland air, calm and serenity and you have the perfect getaway.


Rates: 18,480 Kshs per double room


A room at the Treetops Hotel


If you fancy none of those suggestions, you could decide to go camping at the Sweetwaters Tented Camp. Now this camps puts a twist to the whole idea of camping. I mean sure...there are tents, but they are luxury tents, complete with state of the art facilities. Located in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy which is home to the rare Black Rhino Sanctuary, this tented camp gives you a close up to the wildlife roaming freely.


No need to worry about the nasty bugs and stray animals. You get to feel the wild in the comfort of all the modernities that have become part of our everyday life.


Rates: 18,000 Kshs per double room


Tent at sweetwaters


I can imagine you are now spoilt for choice with all the destinations listed above. But those are just a few of the many getaway locations we have on offer. Do not hesitate to contact us on where a team of experienced Travel Consultants will help you get the best deals at pocket friendly prices. Plan early to make sure you get these incredible offers


Remember valentine's day is not a day created to traumatise people and cause is a day to celebrate love. So celebrate the love you have for yourself, your love or your family.

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