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So you got you ticket to Kenya, your bags are packed and you are ready for an adventure. Or, you are surfing the net wondering what this tiny little African country can offer. We will save you from your misery by giving you an idea
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Awesome Things To Do While In Kenya

Published 5th December 2012
Modified 15th June 2015
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So you got you ticket to Kenya, your bags are packed and you are ready for an adventure. Or, you are surfing the net wondering what this tiny little African country can offer. We will save you from your misery by giving you an idea of all the things you can do in are welcome.


Lets start with the obvious one shall we...


1. Game Watching


Kenya is world renowned for its wealth in wildlife. Here you will find all kinds of animals including endangered species. Safaris are planned to ensure that you get the best in game watching. You can visit the Masai Mara Game Reserve where you can witness the great wildebeest migration. Visit Amboseli Park that is nicknamed the land of giants due to the huge population of African Elephants. Get to know the Big Five, see the animals in their natural habitat and experience the African Savannah. There are so many game watching parks and reserves in Kenya you wont possibly be able to exhaust them all....yes, that is a challenge. Moving on...


View of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park in Kenya






2. Bird Watching


With over 1000 species of birds recorded in Kenya...some endemic and others near endemic, Kenya is definitely a bird watchers paradise. From the deep western forest of Kakamega forest, to the thick highland forest cover of the Abedares and Mount Kenya forest. Stretching to the kenyan savannah of the Mara game reserve and the lowlands of the Lake Bogoria and Lake Nakuru all the way down to the Arabuko Sokoke forest in coastal Kenya. There is no shortage to the bird watching experiences you stand to enjoy in Kenya.


Crane in the Kenyan savannah






3. Visit a Wildlife Centre


When game watching in a tour van does not work for you, you can visit the numerous wildlife centers in the country. Starting with the Safari walk located at the Nairobi National Park where you get to feel the various forest habitats, enjoy a nature trail while seeing various wildlife kept in the center. You could also visit the Giraffe Center in Langata which has concentrated efforts in conserving the giraffes and educating the people on conservation. Here you get a closeup encounter with the giraffes which will reward you with a loving slurpy kiss with their blue tongue. It is a wonderful experience...really.


Others include the Sheldrick elephant orphanage in Nairobi, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy which the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa among others.




Kiss a Giraffe at the Giraffe Centre in Karen Nairobi Kenya




4. Mountain Climbing


Boasting over 20 mountains, numerous ranges and hills, there is never a dull moment for those who are looking for that mountain climbing experience. Due to the presence of the great rift valley, Kenya has been endowed with hundreds of scalable features. From the mighty, treacherous Mt Kenya to the more friendly and welcoming Mt Longonot, Kenya will offer a memorable mountain climbing experience.


Panoramic view from Mount Kenya






5. Ice Skating


Yep, I said ice skating....with 30 degree temperatures, seated in the equator in the hustle and bustle of the city under the sun, you will find the largest ice rink in Africa, the first ice rink in East and Central Africa. You can practice or perfect your balance on the ice while enjoying the great services of the Panari Sky Center. You can even get ice hockey lessons while at it!


Ice skating in Africa!






6. Beaches and Sunbathing


I mean come on, why would you come to the land of white sandy beaches and miss a chance to relax in them? We are talking of roughly 500 Kilometers of unadulterated pure, clean paradise. With beach resorts spread all along the kenyan coast, you have absolutely no excuse to miss this experience. This is the best place to kick back, slap on that sunscreen lie on that recliner and wish all your problems away.




Beautiful Kenyan Beach




7. Water Sports and Other Activities


After you are done with the recliner or if the recliner just doesn't do it for you, the ocean offers a perfect alternative. You can slip into that scuba gear and explore the clear waters of the Indian Ocean which does have coral reefs with spectacular marine life. You could get your blood pumping by doing some water skiing or engage in some deep sea fishing...yes you can take a picture with your catch to immortalize your bravery!


If the Ocean is too dull for you, whitewater rafting might be just the thing for you. The Tana river, Athi River and Mathioya river offer great whitewater rafting locations.


Scuba diving in Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park Kenya




8. Enjoy the Kenyan Food and drinks


Nothing screams Kenya than a bottle of cold Tusker. It is the preferred drink by most Kenyans and visitors alike, it is a symbol of the Kenyan pride. And a Tusker is not so enjoyable without a platter of Nyama Choma complete with Kachumbari on the side. Nyama Choma is the African version of a barbeque where you get to see your piece of meat being sliced off the animal of choice and wait on it to be roasted while you sip on the awesomeness that is Tusker.


But that is not all, Kenya has so many different foods from the different 42 tribes found here. There is never a bland taste in the Kenyan culinary scene.


National drink of Kenya: Tusker beer


9. Dive into the Kenyan Culture


Food aside, there is so much of the Kenyan culture to be explored. Starting with the urban life of Nairobi where there are the massively 'tricked out' matatus with music so loud it can be heard a mile away. The night scene is vibrant with different clubs playing different music. Be it hiphop, techno and trance, reggae, will find a spot to have fun. You can move on further to communities all over the country and get to know the culture of the northerners, those from the highlands, those from the coastal region among others. Visit the historic sites in Fort Jesus or the Gedi Ruins and while you are at it, make a stop at the 'cradle of mankind' in Turkana.


Ride a colourful Matatu in Nairobi Kenya




So many things to do and this list only generalizes the stuff that you can enjoy in this little country tucked away in East Africa. So what you waiting for? Get a move on and if in any doubt, click here and let them help you find your way around. Once again, you are welcome :)


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