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Whatever you want to do, from an incredible Kenya safari to a challenging climb, the country has a huge variety of wonders and Kenya attractions to take your breath away.   To help you plan your own adventure, we’ve put our heads together and agreed
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5 Places You Must Visit in Kenya

Published 18th September 2012
Modified 20th July 2015
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Whatever you want to do, from an incredible Kenya safari to a challenging climb, the country has a huge variety of wonders and Kenya attractions to take your breath away.


To help you plan your own adventure, we’ve put our heads together and agreed on our five favourite places to visit in Kenya. Take a look to see what this unique destination has to offer.



5. Mount Kenya 

Panoramic view of Mount Kenya, Kenya


Located in the heart of central Kenya, this giant edifice rises to 5,199m above sea level, making it the tallest mountain in Kenya and the second largest in Africa. One of the key Kenya attractions, this ancient volcano has been eroded by ice for thousands of years to produce incredible chasms, jagged peaks and waterfalls. It definitely presents a worthy challenge to all avid climbers. There are several different routes ranging from a relatively easy hike to a challenging climb – accompanied by trained and capable guides.


But Mount Kenya is not just about the climb and the incredible views, or the varied geological formations, glaciers and diverse vegetation; the Mount Kenya National Park is home to an amazing diversity of wildlife and includes some unusual and rare species - look out for:


  • Water Buck

  • Tree Hyrax

  • Monkeys and Baboons

  • Elephant

  • Rhino

  • Buffalo and many more!


If you're looking for more information on one of Kenya’s most vibrant attractions, discover Mt. Kenya National Park by exploring our expert guide.



4. The Great Rift Valley

View of Turkana Viallage in Kenya


This spectacular geological wonder encompasses a wealth of Kenya attractions that you just have to see! The Valley is home to around an incredible 12 volcanoes and 7 lakes, enough to thrill even the most jaded traveller. There is a great concentration of game parks, lodges and hotels, making this the ideal focus for a truly memorable Kenyan safari. One of the major Kenya attractions here is Lake Nakuru - famous for its fabulous flamingos and an ideal spot for bird watching.


Moving further up the valley, you arrive at Lake Bogoria - Kenya’s version of the Yellowstone Park - with geysers that regularly erupt sending columns of water 5 metres into the air! Then there is marvellous Lake Turkana, the largest permanent desert lake in the world, and probably the most unique of the Kenyan lakes. You have to see it to appreciate its special beauty.


From lakes to gorges! Movie buffs will recognise the setting for the Lion King and Lara Croft movies when they visit Hell’s Gate National Park to explore the awe-inspiring Ol Njorowa gorge. This 24 km ravine is lined with sheer cliff faces and a thermal-spring fed river which runs along its floor – there are also several hot and cold waterfalls en-route! 


Feeling energetic? Have a go at climbing Mount Longonot, which is gentle enough for any moderately fit person to climb. With endless attractions to enjoy, there is never a dull moment in the Great Rift Valley. 



3. Amboseli National Park

Elephant and baby elephant enjoying a spot of grass in Amboseli Nationlal Park Kenya


Nicknamed the “Land of the Giants”, Amboseli is where you will come face to face with the largest land animal, the African Elephant, as they leisurely graze on the plains with Mount Kilimanjaro as a unique backdrop! The rest of the Big Five are also at home here and you will get to see lions, buffalo, leopard and the critically endangered black rhino.


The flat and low-lying nature of the landscape ensures that you get a perfectly unobstructed view of the animals, which ensures great game viewing and marvellous photo opportunities. Amboseli is also good for bird watching, with over 400 species to discover. 


The Park is situated in a dry area which receives very little rain. However, streams from Mount Kilimanjaro surface through the porous soil of the park and create an oasis of swampy wetlands; it’s this stark contrast between the lush green of the park and the dry and dusty surroundings that gives the park its startling beauty.


The view of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, is what great postcards are made of; get your stunning photos of the mountain at dawn and dusk, when the clouds have lifted and the mountain is at its best.



2. Mombasa

Beautiful Beaches on the Kenyan coast


Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city and is a great place to go for some fun in the sun before or after your Kenyan Safari. History buffs will enjoy exploring the historical sites such as the Gedi ruins and Fort Jesus, while those who just want to relax and soak up the African sun will have several beautiful beaches to choose from. The warm azure waters of the Indian ocean are just waiting to entice you in, while the palm tree-lined beaches are a stunning spot for relaxation. For those who enjoy exploring below the surface, there is an excellent off-shore reef running the full length of the Kenyan coast. Go snorkeling or scuba diving from a traditional dhow, or you can visit the Matamu Marine Park to see a huge diversity of marine life.


Whether you are travelling in style or on a shoestring budget, the Mombasa experience promises to be a memorable addition to your Kenyan safari adventure.



1. Maasai Mara Game Reserve 

Great Migration of Wildebeest and Zebra in the Masai Mara National Game Reserve Kenya


The home of the new Seventh Wonder of the World, the Great Migration, the astounding Masai Mara National Reserve undoubtedly deserves to the number one unmissable sight in Kenya! The reserve has rightfully earned its place as the most visited destination in the country - the Mara remains the embodiment of what the Kenyan safari experience is all about! With grasslands spreading over thousands of kilometres, discover prides of Lions lying under the trees, roaming herds of Elephant and even a sighting or two of a Rhino or Buffalo – this is the variety and insight that make Kenyan safaris unique in the world.  


The reserve is home to all the Big Five and numerous other species of wildlife including hundreds of bird varieties. Of course, the star attraction of the Mara is the Great Migration; watch on as millions of Wildebeest make their way from the Serengeti in Tanzania, across the Mara River to the Kenyan side. The size of the migration - and the scale of this dramatic landscape - can be difficult to appreciate, so why not take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy a stunning new perspective on this incredible event? You’ll never forget it!


For more inspiration and information, you can check out our destination profile on the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Raring to go? Start planning your Kenyan safari adventure today.


Kenya is a diverse place with many attractions - what are your favorite places to visit and enjoy in Kenya? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.


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16th April 2015
NIkhil Ruparellia


0%     0%

this is a fab bit of work it helped me out for my powerpoint presentation thankyou africapoint

17th April 2015
Stefan Bollier


0%     0%

Glad it was of help Nikhil!

22nd February 2015
Carmen B


0%     0%

We visited Kenya this summer and loved it! Check out my blog for some inspiration and tips: https://bonatravels.wordpress.com/2014/07/29/country-summary-kenya/

23rd February 2015
Stefan Bollier


0%     0%

Hi Carmen - great to hear that you had a nice time in Kenya. If you would like to share your reviews of any of the national parks visited, you can post here: http://www.africapoint.com/national-parks/kenya. All the best, Africa Point

20th December 2014
Alliha Jonson


0%     0%

It is an amazing blog for me because I love to read about the attractions of wonderful regions. I know that Kenya is the place which has the home of the breathtaking views and attractions. I have been there twice a time in my life and there I explored its several places that encompasses the beautiful features. The most recent visit that I made that was after the https://twitter.com/goldenbustours. On that trip I visited the Rift Valley and I was much inspired by the beauty of that valley. Its geological features were awesome and have incredible sights. I have never visited the Amboseli National Park. It is looking nice. I hope that one day i will be there.

21st December 2014
Stefan Bollier


0%     0%

Thank you Alliha. Amboseli is stunning - I was fortunate enough to visit the park this autumn. The large herds in the swamps with Mount Kili as the backdrop is hard to beat. Definitely worth a trip and easily accessible from Nairobi. 

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